Madden 23 Wishlist
(EA Sports)

Madden 23 Wishlist: Keep Promises, Improve New Features

As a kid, do you remember making a Christmas wishlist? It was your not-so-subtle way of telling your parents “Hey I want this.” Well, I’m making one for Madden 23! In this post, I will go over what I want in Madden 23 while keeping it fairly realistic. These are things I feel EA Sports should be able to achieve in this development cycle. Here’s my Madden 23 wishlist!

Refine New Scouting

I’m actually a fan of the new scouting update in Madden 22. It’s fresh, it’s not as tedious and it makes the thrill of finding a draft gem so much better! However, I do feel it needs work. I hate having a corner being 80% scouted and not knowing their grade for man or zone coverage. It’s annoying not knowing if a wide receiver can catch, and not knowing throwing accuracy for a quarterback makes it tough to draft one. My suggestion would be to have key ratings be the first ones to be shown if a player is at least 70% scouted. If I’m 70% done scouting a quarterback, I’ll have a solid idea about their accuracy, the same applies to a corner and coverage. Maybe give a letter range, like A-B for these key ratings, and then as scouting is completed the range gets smaller and if a player is 100% scouted then it’s simply one letter. This would make it very similar to NHL’s scouting, which I love.

Bring Back Fifth Year Options

Not much here, I don’t know why they were removed in Madden 22 but they should absolutely be brought back!

Categorize Teams

This is another thing I’m taking from NHL but that game is made by EA too so they should be able to do it. In NHL franchise, teams are categorized from contender to rebuilding. This influences how interested they are in certain players and draft picks. A contending team would prefer to take on experienced and high overall veterans in exchange for draft picks and younger players while a rebuilding team would take more of a firesale approach. This immersion would really help with free agency and trades, something Madden AI can’t seem to get right.

Training Camp Drills

This one is a little more out there, but my goodness these were the best on the PS2 days of Madden. These drills gave you a chance to develop younger players through drills and gain experience and attribute points. Their return would be awesome, even if it’s a little bit out there. At the very least bring back the practice attire so players aren’t practicing in their gameday uniforms.

Overall I liked the improvements to Madden 22. The Hall of Fame inductions are a really nice touch and the cutscenes related to the scenario engine really help the immersion and weekly strategy is actually important now! The new scouting adds a fun, and sometimes frustrating, challenge to the game. I hope Madden can keep taking steps in the right direction. This Madden 23 wishlist is fairly realistic, I hope some of it is met.


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