Madden 21
Announcement: I will not buy Madden 21 after it’s dog shit trailer. Sorry, everybody. There will be no YouTube series for Madden this year. (EA SPORTS)

The Madden 21 trailer dropped today. I was actually excited for it this year. The new PS5 drops in December and Madden is always a good way to kick things off. Except, now I feel the exact opposite. WTF was that Madden? You want to talk about a piss poor trailer, look no further than this pile of dog shit Madden put out.

Year after year, I am hopeful for improvements. Year after year, I am disappointed. They just trout out the same bullshit year after year. The only difference is Charles Davis is a broadcaster in the game and I can’t take it. Year after year, I am hopeful franchise mode gets a bump. Year after year, they ignore it. Seriously, what do these people do all day? They’re getting paid to do nothing but update rosters and put the same game on the shelf the next year.

I’m sure EA Sports doesn’t care. They’re going to make money regardless. Personally, I bought it every year as a kid. Now? I had the game last year but haven’t bought a game previously since 2015. That’s coming from someone who was pulling all nighters at 13 playing. I can’t do it anymore. Fix your dog shit game Madden. Sorry everyone but no Madden YouTube series this year.

Want to hear the *new* feature for Madden? Yes, I said feature cause there’s ONE. Here you go. They’re all laughable.

“Go all out with the new Skill Stick to link together clever skill-move combos that setup amazing gameplay moments. Master new evasive moves like dead-leg and slide hurdles combined with spins, jukes, and hurdles to create in space. Run up the score with an innovative ball-carrier system developed to inspire creativity.”

So you brought the analog stick back that was already on the controller? Cool, dude. This is SUCH a JOKE. Having said that, I reserve the right to change my mind IF things change and they release upgrades to franchise mode. Having said that, I already know that won’t happen so there’s probably no need to write that last sentence.