Lincoln Riley
Lincoln Riley makes USC the best stock to own on the SimBull college football market. Go invest now or miss out on easy money. (Photo by Brian Bahr / Getty Images)

Lincoln Riley Makes USC The Best CFB Stock To Own

USC is so back. Does anyone actually understand how huge the news of Lincoln Riley joining USC is on the college football landscape? It’s huge news (or should be) for our friends over at SimBull too. There should only be one takeaway. USC is now head and shoulders the best stock to own on the college football SimBull market and it’s not close.

Let’s start with the obvious. Lincoln Riley is a rockstar. The guy is the real deal. Want to hear a story? Lincoln Riley is so good that I was convinced Shane Carden was the second best quarterback in the 2015 NFL Draft. He never got drafted. Riley was his play caller at East Carolina.

Riley has it all. He’s a brilliant play caller, a terrific recruiter, and an innovative offensive mind who is changing the sport. It’s an absolute home run hire for the Trojans. This was the best case scenario and probably a scenario I’m not sure I thought existed.

It won’t take long for USC to dominate the Pac 12. That’s happening. USC is a top five job in the sport. What really matters for investors has everything to do with the way Riley can dominate.

The Pac 12 is a walk in the park compared to the SEC. Sorry, but Oklahoma is in for a rude awakening in the SEC regardless of if they’re loaded or not. The SEC is so stacked that losing three games and being the best team in the country is a real possibility for teams in the future. You can build an all world team and still miss out on the CFB playoff.

It’s going to be so easy for Riley to dominate at USC. Kyle Whittingham is great but you can only do so much at Utah. Herm Edwards has had enough time at Arizona State that we know now that he’s never going to turn the corner. Chip Kelly still hasn’t built a real winner at UCLA and will always be the little brother in LA regardless. Who’s the real competition in the Pac 12? Oregon?

No disrespect to Mario Cristobal but he’s not Lincoln Riley. Might be in terms of recruiting but not close in terms of in game adjustments and play calling. Cristobal is an offensive line guy at heart, not an offensive mastermind. USC will also get the first crack of 5 star recruits over the Ducks too.

Investors are going to rack up win share after win share. What’s the worst case scenario here? They lose one game a year and dominate the Pac 12 while making playoff? There is no better stock right now in college football. It’s also the biggest steal on the market. It makes zero sense that USC is priced below programs like Northwestern, Iowa State, Mississippi State, and Indiana.

What are you waiting for? Go buy some USC stock. Priced at $40.33 a share, USC for the foreseeable future is going to make you a ton of money for a long time to come. The Lincoln Riley hire flat out needs to be priced higher on the SimBull market. Thank me later.

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