Letting Go
Almost a month after releasing The Songs I Wrote You, Becoming Young has released a three-song EP titled Letting Go. This EP differs quite a bit from the previous album but is still worth a listen. (Rob Bondurant)

Letting Go EP Review – A Changeup From The Songs I Wrote You

Becoming Young, whose real name is Brandon Calano, is back at it after releasing a new three-song EP titled Letting Go. This EP is a bit of a changeup and has a slightly different tone than Calano’s previous album, The Songs I Wrote You, which was released just a month ago. Letting Go has three songs, “Auburn”, “Novocaine Dreams”, and “Coming Back”.

Letting Go‘s vibe is different from The Songs I Wrote You primarily because it is not a direct account of the events of a story. While the EP still details the healing process after the emotional rollercoaster that was The Songs I Wrote You, it is a little more subtle.


“Auburn” is the beginning of the moving on process. Calano does not want to hear her name anymore, but it still echoes in his heart. His head is telling him to move on, but his heart is still clinging to what was.

Novocaine Dreams

“Novocaine Dreams” is where progress is made, but the pain from the relationship ending is still strong. The bitterness from the relationship ending shows in this song, which begins with Calano portraying a scene where he meets his ex again and she will think of the love they shared, but he will be holding hands with someone who would not hurt him as she did. Throughout this song, Calano recalls the memories of the relationship and is questioning why it had to end. Throughout the chorus of the song Calano says continuously, “I hope you’re happy without me.”

Coming Back

“Coming Back” is Calano’s favourite song on the album. It details the end of the moving on process, where Calano is ready to love again and is free from the pain of his last relationship’s end. He ends the song by saying he has found redemption and peace, showcasing his growth from the beginning of this EP to its conclusion.

Calano spoke about having more work in the fall of 2021 so this EP was a surprise, but his ability to tell stories in his music stands out and makes his music even more enjoyable. The EP is well worth a listen, just like the rest of his material.

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