The Songs I Wrote You
The Songs I Wrote You by Becoming Young is an album that goes through the twists and turns of a relationship. It’s a symbol of personal growth and one hell of an emotional roller-coaster. (Photography by Rob Bondurant, Illustration by Carsen Calano)

The Songs I Wrote You: Details Behind The Story

The Songs I Wrote You is the story of a relationship between the artist Becoming Young (Also known as Brandon) and a girl by the name of Chloe. When you listen to the album in order, you can hear the stories and the shift in tone, mood, and headspace that Brandon is experiencing when writing each song. I talked with Brandon about his new album, but there’s much more information than what we were able to cover in the interview.

Significance Of The Album

The album is a series of letters to Chloe, she was someone who played a big role in Brandon’s recent life. The album follows the story of two people who should never have met, but ended up in love.

The album is a modern fairytale, as told by an emotionally reckless millennial.

– Brandon’s thoughts on the album

Lessons From The Album

This album was a journey of growth. The Songs I Wrote You was recorded before Brandon’s album Feeling Single which was released in 2020. The Songs I Wrote You is where Brandon defined how his music sounded and also symbolizes his growth as a person as well.

Musically, I defined the Becoming Young sound while making this record. Personally, the journey took me from a shallow, ‘early 20s bro’ (who was mostly interested in whimsical dating) to a mature adult who had his heart ripped out, yet still found a way to love.

– Brandon on what the album taught him and how he’s grown

Each Song Has A Story

Every song on the album has a story. You can even find the story for each song on the album covers, but here’s a quick summary of each.

Reverie: Written after a first date. The beginning of the story and an admission that there could be something wonderful.

No Strings Attached: After Chloe heard Reverie, she called to say “I hope you’re not falling in love with me.” No Strings Attached was Brandon’s side of the story, he was dating a few people at the time.

“Addicted” captures the reckless behavior that often occurs when feelings first start to catch.

“Silent Words” illuminates the moments when you’re holding your breath, knowing that you’re in love with someone and wondering if you should say it.

“Testing Fate” marks the second half of the record, when Chloe and I split up. The song highlights emotional baggage that often affects the way we approach both new relationships and breakups. 

“Losing Her” sheds light on the depression I fell into as my failing relationship with Chloe devolved into an unhealthy, train wreck—also about the same time I moved to Nashville to restart my life.

“Hello From Tennessee” articulates the struggles I felt trying to move on in a new city—and also realizing that I wasn’t going to give up on Chloe without giving our relationship all the resolve I could muster.

The record ends with “Stand Down,” a calling to find the courage to let love in.

– Brandon summarizing the story behind each song.

This album is just like Brandon’s other songs, they all come from the heart and personal experiences. It goes through some shifts in tone, Testing Fate and Losing Her both come from very negative headspaces, and while powerful they may not be the type of songs you want to start your day with. This album is a symbol of personal growth. I feel like many people, myself included, can see some aspects of their own stories in this album. The Songs I Wrote You ends on a cliffhanger, which will be answered in a follow-up that will be released in fall 2021.

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