Leonard Fournette Rejuvenated
Leonard Fournette rejuvenated his career in Tampa Bay. (Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports)

At the beginning of the 2020 NFL season, Leonard Fournette was on the waiver wire. The former 4th overall pick had underperformed and had an attitude problem with the Jaguars. However, the running back did not stay a free agent for long as the Buccaneers quickly signed him. Although he played a backup role most of the regular season, Fournette was elevated down the stretch and in the playoffs. During this stretch, Fournette proved that he could be a starting back once again. Leonard Fournette rejuvenated and reignited his football career in Tampa Bay.

In Tampa Bay’s first eight regular-season games, Fournette only totaled 325 yards. A poor but expected performance for a backup who rarely played behind the top notch Ronald Jones. However, in the post-season, Fournette exploded. In the postseason he averaged 4.4 yards per carry, which would be his career-high. He also recorded 313 yards from scrimmage in the playoffs, which is a Buccaneer’s postseason record. This record was set by Michael Pittman when he had 245 total yards during the buccaneer’s last super bowl run in 2002.

However, more than just his performance improved. His sour attitude has improved as well. Fournette was always the center of the offense since his days at LSU, being a consensus All-American at LSU in 2015. He also led the Jacksonville Jaguars to the AFC Championship game in 2017. However, losing that spotlight has appeared to humble, the formerly arrogant running back.

“I come here, had hopes of being a starter, it didn’t work out. I had ups and downs this whole season, and guys like Brady, Shady, Coach T-Mac, and even Coach B.A, we had our personal talks.

Fournette, on his experience in Tampa Bay

Obviously, these talks had an impact on Fournette’s attitude, because at the end of the season he had this to say

“Hopefully whatever was out there on my name, hopefully, it will change, because I’m not the asshole that they say I was. I just love football and I love winning, that’s about it.

Leonard Fournette came into Tampa Bay as an arrogant running back on the decline. However, his career is now reignited with a passion for football. Whatever happened in Tampa Bay has rejuvenated Leonard Fournette’s career.