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LeBron James

(Credit Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Lebron James is Officially “That Dad”

LeBron James
LeBron James is officially “that dad” (Credit Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

I remember growing up I was playing a sport every season. Playing travel teams and for school, I was always busy. Whether it was playing baseball during the spring and summer, football during summer and fall, or wrestling all year round. One of the things that I remember most isn’t the plays I made on the field or any of the matches I won wrestling in high school and college, honestly, I remember the losses better than anything else. One of the things I remember most is how obnoxious some parents can be in the stands or in the bleachers. Some are obnoxious in supporting their child because they want to live through them, and others are cursing out the refs. Whatever it was you never want to be “that parent”. Well, Lebron James has officially become “that dad”.

I’m not going to bash Lebron for supporting Bronny Jr. In fact, I LOVE the fact that he is there almost every single game SUPPORTING his son. He’s a family man and I’m sure a great dad. He has been able to give his children a life that he could only dream about as a child growing up in a single parent home in Akron, Ohio. I respect the hell out of him for that. BUT, it is getting a little excessive. Lebron has been traveling with his oldest son’s AAU basketball team and completely stealing the show.

He’s been running onto the court after big shots, excessively celebrating, and even dunking in the layup lines during warm ups. If this was any other parent they would be thrown out of the gym so fast that Usain Bolt would have to come out of retirement because they broke his 100M dash record. Like come on Bron I get that you’re supporting your son but stop with the stupid shit. Let the game be about him and not “oh shit is Lebron going to run on the court”. If it wasn’t Lebron and my dad ran onto the court mid-game my team would be given a technical or the ref could just make us forfeit the damn game. He’s even been the dad who talks shit on the refs during the game. Like, come on man these games mean nothing right now because it’s just summer ball.

I don’t know how Bronny Jr. feels about how his dad has been acting, but if it were me, I would be so embarrassed. You never want that as a kid, let alone being the kid who has to grow up in Lebron’s shadow. Apparently, the kid is already committed to Duke to play for Coach K. So, it would be amazing to see Lebron in a couple of years trying to pull that shit then. I get that its just an AAU game that doesn’t mean anything but its still not a good look. Don Chach out.


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