LeBron James
LeBron James bragged about his son missing a dunk (Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

LeBron James is the most insufferable athlete in the history of American Sports. Most of the time, LeBron James likes to bring his teammates down. It comes in multiple forms. Whether it’s throwing his teammates under the bus, trying to get them traded, or making them worse on the court and blaming it on everyone else; LeBron is trying out a new strategy. This time he’s trying to uplift a player.

LeBron James is on record for saying that his biggest regret in life is naming his son after him. Now LeBron is back at it again in a move that will only put more pressure on his son. LeBron went on Instagram to post a video of his son dunking. The only problem is he missed:

LeBron James

What a jackass LeBron is. Who the fuck does this? Could you imagine Mike Trout (I have no idea if he has one) filming his son and bragging about his son striking out? How about bragging that his son hit a ball foul? Imagine Tom Brady bragging about his son running a route and catching a ball. “Just hope it’s not you on the other end of a poster”? Buddy… he missed. Get a clue.

Here’s the other thing I want to know. What’s with the reaction? It’s like he murdered someone? Hey, guys, HE MISSED… I don’t understand? I guess this is the behavior that LeBron likes. Getting excited about a missed dunk and not running on the other end to play defense. I can’t blame the kid. He’s probably drunk from wine because his dad force feeds it to him.

Add it to the list. Another example of why you and every single person should hate LeBron James. What an asshole.