LeBron James
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LeBron James Is Still King Of The NBA, And In More Ways Than One

While LeBron James is still an incredible athlete, even in his 18th season of professional basketball, it also appears that his legendary status extends to all different levels of NBA circles. Despite breaking the league’s new health and safety protocols regarding COVID-19, James will not get suspended and remains available for the Laker’s Game 1 matchup against the Phoenix Suns on Sunday. He recently held a promotional event for his new Lobos tequila, which hosted some high-profile guests, including Drake and Michael B. Jordan. While the event was harmless in terms of the spread of the virus, this should be an indicator of how much LeBron is needed by the NBA.

Despite not earning a league MVP award since 2013, James has remained the league’s most valuable asset for long before that point. In terms of hype alone, LeBron had the weight of the world on his shoulder coming out of Saint Vincent-Saint Mary’s High School in 2003. It also might have helped that LeBron got drafted into the NBA the same year that Michael Jordan, James’ idol, called it quits for good. Ever since that moment, LeBron’s fame and notoriety have grown exponentially, both on and off the court. Now, with 4 titles, 4 MVPs, and 4 Finals MVPs under his belt, he still remains the most popular and well-known basketball player in the world. Along with that, it is a guarantee that King James will rack up views on whatever game he is playing. If the league chose to suspend him for, say, 2 games, then it would be Anthony Davis and LA’s subpar supporting cast against Devin Booker, CP3, and a fully-loaded Suns squad. Chances are it would end up 2-0 Phoenix in 2 blowouts. Now, it’s anybody’s guess on what happens next, with a lot of eyes projected to be put on this series. Considering this is also the first-ever playoff matchup between longtime friends LeBron and Chris Paul, the Lakers and Suns will probably provide one of the most entertaining and interesting series in the first round. While some may be frustrated at what looks like the NBA playing favorites, it should not come as a surprise.

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