LeBron James
(Tony Dejak/Associated Press)

LeBron James is the ultimate pouter, we all know this. Now that we are two days around from the trade deadline, in the least surprising news of all time, LeBron is not happy with the lack of activity from the Cleveland front office. This time it appears that LeBron isn’t just crying this time, he’s beyond furious and has gone as far as cursing out multiple executives within the Cavs front office.

The Athletic’s Jason Lloyd had the following to say about LeBron’s cursing rant:

“James cursed toward at least two team executives during the late January team meeting in which some players questioned the legitimacy of Kevin Love’s illness.”

Lloyd also adds that the front office didn’t consult LeBron when they first made the trade with Kyrie Irving. Obviously, this is LeBron’s fault for running Kyrie Irving out of town but the front office has to take some blame for failing on the Irving deal with Boston. By the time Cleveland made the deal, they also had little leverage with Irving requesting a trade.

LeBron wanted Paul George and Eric Bledsoe in Cleveland and was willing to part with anyone on the roster to get the deal done. Good for Irving for taking his destiny into his own hands.

Heading into the trade deadline, James wants the Cavs to deal the Brooklyn pick but there isn’t a clear answer to finding a trade partner. Would the Trail Blazers change their mind on a Kevin Love for CJ McCollum deal? Could the Cavs pry away Kemba Walker from the Charlotte Hornets? Dealing the pick for a player like DeAndre Jordan isn’t worth the risk either. Regardless of what move the Cavs make, LeBron will find a way to complain about it.