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LeBron James

(Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports)

LeBron James accused of taking PEDs by Chael Sonnen

LeBron James
(Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports)

Lebron James accused of taking PEDs by Chael Sonnen

According to some people, LeBron James is the greatest basketball player of all time. According to former MMA fighter Chael Sonnen, he uses performance-enhancing drugs.

On an episode of Flagrant, a podcast hosted by comedian Andrew Schultz, Sonnen claimed that James uses erythropoietin (EPO). Sonnen’s evidence for that claim is that he and James share a provider.

“Other basketball players will hear about what LeBron does and go, ‘That doesn’t matter.’ If you knew what these performance enhancers did, you’d know it does matter. We have the same drug guy, I know exactly what he’s doing,” Sonnen claimed

“EPO [Erythropoietin] matters, it’s the reason LeBron takes it. It matters. EPO increases your red blood cells, which gives you the endurance to play all game long … It’s the king of performance enhancers. EPO is king to everything. That’s why cyclists do it.”

Sonnen has his fair share of experience in the world of PEDs. In his 22-year MMA career, Sonnen popped for PEDs twice. Furthermore, Sonnen has been open and honest that he took PEDs. This wasn’t a tainted supplement issue, and he understood the rules he was breaking.

Another important note on Sonnen is that he loves to tell lies, and half-truths in an effort to tell an interesting story. Most MMA fans are aware of that considering he has been doing it in the world of MMA for years, but I imagine a lot of NBA fans may not be familiar with Sonnen.

In the same interview with Flagrant, Sonnen claimed to know the identity of the unidentified plane hijacker D.B. Cooper, said he robbed millions of dollars from banks and much more. Let’s not forget about the time he claimed to see Brazilian MMA fighters Antônio Rogério Nogueira and Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira attempt to feed a bus a carrot because they thought it was a horse.

As Sonnen would say, they don’t call him the ‘bad guy’ for nothing.

So, on one hand, Sonnen is credible when discussing the PEDs, but never lets a fact get in the way of a good story. I say this should be taken with a grain of salt. LeBron James fans should not be too worried about their idol getting popped for PEDs.

This certainly is not the first time James has been accused of taking PEDs and it probably won’t be the last. James is certainly doing something unique that allows him to play in the NBA at an elite level at 38 years old — and maybe it is PEDs.

Also, let’s not forget Sonnen made these claims on a comedy podcast. I wonder if he was trying to be funny.


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