LaMelo Ball
Lamelo Ball may struggle to fit in in Charlotte (Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images)

LaMelo Ball to the Charlotte Hornets was a thought that haunted me for the past few weeks. On my 2020 NBA Draft Big Board, I listed Ball as my number one prospect. In my eyes, the number one prospect in a draft class needs to be a perennial all-star. Additionally, he must always be a threat to lead his team to an NBA Championship.

The youngest Ball brother can achieve the former. As a 6’7″ playmaking guard, he should develop quickly as the Hornets’ best offensive weapon. Ball is an incredible passer with some scoring ability, especially off the dribble. He should immediately slot in as the starting point guard in Charlotte and put up double digit scoring numbers.

However, I do not like this landing spot for LaMelo Ball because it will be nearly impossible for him to achieve the latter. How will Ball lead Charlotte on a title run if general manager Michael Jordan refuses to give anyone with talent a good contract? I am a huge fan of Devonte’ Graham, but, after him, Charlotte has no consistent scorers or playmakers. From the looks of things, Ball will be stuck on a virtually talentless team unwilling to acquire any assets.

I’m crushed that Ball was not selected in the top two. I do not see how he can live up to the number one ranking I gave him as a member of the Charlotte Hornets. This is not saying that LaMelo Ball will be a bust. My confidence in his playmaking ability will not waiver and I trust that his shooting and scoring will come around. Charlotte has turned many top prospects into busts. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Malik Monk, and Frank Kaminsky, just to name a few, have all severely underperformed when wearing a Hornets jersey.

LaMelo Ball will be a great player on the Hornets. I do not think for one second that he will be a bust. Yet, I do not see how he can merit number one overall prospect status playing on a team that shows no signs of wanting to improve.