LaMelo Ball
Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images

This draft is incredibly weak in terms of talent, but there are some definite gems in the draft. Anyone that passes on LaMelo Ball might shoot themselves in the foot. He is a can’t-miss prospect in this weak draft. I speak highly of LaMelo Ball because of the lack of talent in this year’s draft. In a normal draft or even a more talent-rich draft, he’d still be a Lottery pick at least. Why am I so high on LaMelo Ball though, especially if I wasn’t high on his brother Lonzo Ball?

There are a couple of reasons why. My biggest knock on Lonzo Ball was the lack of a consistent jumpshot and just plain ugly form. Although, if you ever played basketball with me my jumpshot looks like it got hit with a fugly stick. So, I can’t knock it. It has improved over the years, but it is still a question mark. we’re still trying to figure out if he’s good or not. Lonzo has always been a gifted passer and an adequate defender. On the Pelicans, he doesn’t have to worry about shooting as much as he can feed Brandon Ingram and throw lobs to Zion Williamson. So, he has a role and can still be improved to be a lot better if he learns how to shoot.

LaMelo Strengths

Okay, okay, I know this is about LaMelo Ball, but to not mention his brother in the NBA seems to call for a lack of foundation. LaMelo Ball is a gifted passer and a tremendous scorer. He has a deadly floater and a sweet jumpshot. His offensive game is stupendous. However, the knock on his game is that I haven’t seen that much of defense from him. Even his own dad, Lavar Ball, called him out when he was in High School about it. The good news is that the NBA favors offense more than ever and that is what LaMelo Ball is an offensive juggernaut. I think LaMelo Ball will be miles better than his brothers too.

Not to mention we knew that about LaMelo in High School, before his dad infamously took him out of school. He took him out of school to go play overseas basketball in Lithuania at the ripe age of 16. After playing there and Lavar Ball’s failed league of the Junior Basketball Association (JBA), he returned to High School and played basketball his senior year. After High School, he was the rare few that skipped college and played overseas in Australia league. There he averaged 17.4 PPG, 7.4 RPG, and 6.8 APG for the season. He ended up winning Rookie of the Year in that league.

Who’s Picking LaMelo Ball?

LaMelo is ideal height for a SG at 6’7, but I think he lacks the strength to play SF. If I had to guess, He’d probably start at SG and see some PG duties for an NBA team. Before the draft lottery, I have LaMelo Ball as a top 5 pick. Golden State Warriors, Minnesota TimberWolves, Cleveland Cavaliers, Atlanta Hawks, Detroit Pistons, New York Knicks, Chicago Bulls, and Charlotte Hornets all have a chance for a top 5 pick.

The Warriors have already claimed they are not interested in LaMelo Ball, but he would provide some great scoring off the bench. But a trio of Karl-Anthony Towns, D’Angelo Russell, and LaMelo Ball would put on an offensive clinic. Trae Young and LaMelo could score on anyone, but their defense would kill them. The Knicks, Pistons, Cavaliers, and Hornets can all use a scorer. Bulls need some big man depth, I can’t see them getting LaMelo Ball, but to each their own.

Except for the Bulls and the Warriors, any NBA team will be kicking their own ass that they didn’t take LaMelo. In this notoriously weak draft, LaMelo Ball is a name that will stand out. He might be the only name you remember from the 2020 draft, time will tell. But take it from me, passing on LaMelo will only be bad for your team.