Marquise Brown
Lamar Jackson has killed Marquise Brown. The former first round pick from Oklahoma is nowhere to be found in the Ravens offense. Call witness protection! (Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images)

Lamar Jackson Has Killed Marquise Brown

Lamar Jackson has killed Marquise Brown. It’s impossible to find Brown on the field. Mostly due to the fact that Jackson can’t get Brown the ball. The former first round pick from Oklahoma has disappeared in the Ravens offense.

Through 10 games, Brown has 32 receptions for 431 yards and two touchdowns. Here’s the problem; those are not number one wide receiver numbers. It might not be number two level production either.

This isn’t hard to figure out. Jackson has not thrown for over 250 yards since Week 1. The guy can’t throw the ball, plain and simple. The only other receiver with any production is Willie Snead who has 28 receptions.

Brown should be way better than this. During the 2019 NFL Draft, Baltimore selected Brown as the first wide receiver off the board. Was he deserving of it? No, I had Deebo Samuel, DK Metcalf, and AJ Brown rated as better prospects. However, Brown is no scrub either.

Marquise is the cousin of Antonio Brown. He’s not super physically imposing but has plus route running and speed. He should look a hell of a lot closer to Terry McLaurin. Somehow, Brown has a worse quarterback situation. In fantasy, he’s basically unplayable. The former Sooners product ranks as the 56th best receiver in fantasy in 2020.

This is getting worse before it gets better. Brown is really the one getting screwed here. When it’s his turn for free agency, he has no leg to stand on because of poor production and none of it’s his fault. Tick, tick, tick. Time is running out on this gross experiment.