Rob Pelinka
(Wally Skalig / Los Angeles Times)

Lakers general manager, Rob Pelinka had the best offseason out of the NBA GM’s. Acquiring Dennis Schroder, Wesley Matthews, Marc Gasol, and Montrez Harrell has the Lakers even better than last season. Which ended with LeBron James holding the Larry O’Brien trophy.

Rob Pelinka Had the Best NBA Off-season.

Pelinka constructed a team last season that relied far too much on LeBron and Anthony Davis. Both stars playing upwards of 38 minutes a game. That formula is not sustainable. Sooner or later one if not both players would run out of gas. Winning a second straight title would’ve been impossible.

The Lakers now add the reigning Sixth Man of the Year, the Runner-Up for Sixth Man of the Year, a lethal shooter, and a veteran defensive juggernaut. The roster is already ten times better than the one they had won the championship with.

Looking back on the Davis trade the Lakers really didn’t give up that much to acquire him. Compared to what the Pelicans got for Jrue Holiday it’s actually comical the Bucks made that trade.

Pelinka is a Miracle Worker for the 2020 NBA Offseason.

Pelinka managed to pull off miraculous signings that weren’t even on my radar. Ask any Laker fan, Was Harrell a realistic signing for the Lakers? The smart ones would tell you no. I for one had no idea this would take place. Which made it that much better when it happened.

The Lakers are all-in for the two years remaining on LeBron’s contract winning at least one more title will make it all worth it. Depending on the structure of Davis’ contract will be very telling into how the Lakers handle life after LeBron. That is the last piece to the Laker dynasty that could start off the 2020’s.

In the NBA and just about every sport winning a title is held above all. Trade whatever draft picks you have to acquire the ultimate goal. They will only remember those picks traded if you do not win a championship. The Lakers already made it past that point so now it’s all about winning multiple titles. With this offseason, the Lakers are more than set up for that.