Lamar Jackson Is Overrated
Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson scores on a run against the New England Patriots during the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Nov. 3, 2019, in Baltimore. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)AP

Last year, Baltimore Ravens, starting quarterback Lamar Jackson won the MVP award. Heading into the 2020 season, expectations for the signal-caller were sky-high. Unfortunately for the Ravens and Jackson fantasy owners, this season has been anything but impressive.

Sadly he has not played anything close to it, though. In his MVP season, Lamar had 3127 yards along with 36 touchdowns and six interceptions. Compare that to his halfway stats this year 1,343 yards, 12 touchdowns, and four interceptions. These doubled don’t look anything like his MVP year, so I believe it’s time to ask the question, Is Lamar Jackson a one-year wonder along with being the most overrated player in the game today.

Why Lamar Jackson Is Overrated

Michael Vick is widely considered the best mobile quarterback in NFL history. After his last season performance, Jackson was earning comparisons to Vick. One problem with that comparison is I’ve seen much better throwing from Vick than I have Lamar. Lamar hasn’t lived up to his expectations, and unless he picks it up, John Harbaugh has had no problem with moving on from washed-up quarterbacks for instance Joe Flacco.

Recent Failures

In Lamar’s last game, he played terribly. Yes, it was against the best defense in the NFL, but last year’s MVP should put up better numbers or at least lead his team to victory. Last week he went 13-28 with 208 passing yards and two to two touchdowns, and two interceptions. Not a good day, but everyone has their days off. My main problem is that Lamar is known for his rushing ability, and it flopped. He ran the ball 16 times in Week 8 for 65 yards. The problem is he fumbled three times, losing it twice. If a running back does that, he would be benched for the remainder of the game. Lamar needs to pick his game up after his rookie deal is up. We might have a new name as QB1 in Baltimore.

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