Lamar Jackson
Lamar Jackson admitted that life has been tougher this year because defenses have learned the Ravens playbook. How alarming are these comments? (Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Tick, tick, tick; the expiration date on Lamar Jackson gets closer by the day. The news that gets filtered to the media about the Ravens also gets funnier by the day. The ticking time bomb is closer to blowing up.

A big revelation was made by Jackson himself. The Ravens quarterback acknowledged defenses have essentially learned Baltimore’s playbook:

VIA Rich Eisen Show:

“They’re calling out our plays, stuff like that,” Jackson said. “They know what we’re doing. Sometimes stuff won’t go our way if they’re beating us to the punch.”

“Yeah, they definitely do,” Jackson said. “Like, ‘run’ and stuff like that. ‘Watch out for this, watch out for that.’ Sometimes that’s what’s going on.”

ESPN also listed in their post that Alex Highsmith knew what was coming when he intercepted Jackson.

“I knew when that play started they were coming back to that because they ran the same play on the first half, and I didn’t drop deep enough,” Highsmith said after Pittsburgh’s 28-24 victory over Baltimore. “So I learned from that play and just dropped deeper. … the ball just fell into my hands.”

Statistically, Jackson is down in pretty much everything. The Ravens are still one of the heaviest run-first teams in the NFL. The difference is, defenses are figuring Jackson out. Gimmick quarterbacks don’t last forever. The wildcat worked for awhile too. Defenses have officially caught up.

How do you not freak out about this news? The quarterback is admitting life is harder because defenses are figuring him out. What more needs to be said? This entire thing is a JOKE and will get worse before it ever gets better.