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Jarvis Landry Lamar Jackson
(Gregory Payan/AP)

Jarvis Landry Beat Up Lamar Jackson In Precision Passing At The Pro Bowl

Jarvis Landry Lamar Jackson
Jarvis Landry beat up Lamar Jackson in precision passing at the Pro Bowl (Gregory Payan/AP)

Lamar Jackson can be your king, but he sure as shit isn’t mine. Being the Ravens fan is currently the worst thing going in the NFL. People tell you how great Lamar is and then you watch… and never win dick when it counts. I’m sure he will be just as good when teams spend a full offseason preparing for Greg Roman’s offense. Lamar Jackson will never be an elite thrower of the football which is why I can’t root for him. There was no better example than yesterday when Jarvis Landry kicked his ass in the precision passing drill at the Pro Bowl.

No, not a fantastic football player. More like a total fraud.

Not the best look for the “quarterback” that says “not bad for a running back” guy. This is why people call him a running back. He’s not accurate. Jarvis Landry just beasted and feasted Lamar Jackson in a quarterback drill. The good news is everyone will continue to tell me how happy I should be that Lamar is on the Ravens.

Why can’t one person just be smart about this? Didn’t you see Vince Young, Tim Tebow, Colin Kaepernick? Lamar Jackson is no different. Maybe one day people will learn their lesson. I just don’t understand why nobody else learns?

I have to be honest; why do players even go to the Pro Bowl? I could see going to the skills competition to hang out, but play in that joke of a game? Not a chance in hell I’d go to that. No, thanks. The last thing that sounds great is to play more football after getting hit for 16 weeks. Go hang out with your families or something.


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