Trevor Bauer
(Jason Miller / Getty Images)

Now in LA, Trevor Bauer Should Watch His Social Media Presence

The moment you become an athlete for a big market team in a big city, you are in the spotlight. That spotlight is absolutely ginormous if you play for a market like Los Angeles or New York. In LA, people try to dig dirt on everything you do, with the press equatable to paparazzi. Much different than cities like Cleveland and Cincinnati. Now that Trevor Bauer is a Los Angeles Dodger, he should better monitor what he posts on social media. This is based on his loose track record.

In an era where “cancel culture” is prevalent, and everything you do or say is magnified, Trevor Bauer persists. Let’s take a look back at what he’s done in the past. In 2019, Bauer tweeted, “I identify as a 12-year-old. This is 2019. You have to have empathy for me and my condition.”

This could ruffle some feathers to the transgender community in which Los Angeles has a steady population. Careful what you say there, Trev.

At one point in time, Bauer made the false claim on Twitter regarding Barack Obama. He said the former President wasn’t born in the United States.

By far the most controversial incident was a Twitter feud that turned ugly. What was started as friendly banter became an instance where Bauer really looked like a jerk. Bauer started harrassed a college student on social media, with him and his followers targeting her in a vicious manner. The girl recieved hate mail and ugly Dm’s for days and days. To make matters worse, Bauer brought it back on her. He claimed “she was obsessed with him” all the while he tagging her in over 80 tweets, even after she blocked him.

More has surfaced in the last five years, but nothing so bad just yet. Los Angeles is a city where you have to keep your best behavior regarding media relations. Bauer has already tarnished his relationship with New York and their fans. He made the wise decision of leaking Mets gear on his website before even signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers on February 8th. Bob Nightengale didn’t help either, claiming that Trevor and the Mets had agreed on a deal.

So Trevor, just please keep your cool. Or the media and the fans will eat you up. There is room for growth, and you will realize that as a member of one of the largest markets in the sports world.