Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving isn’t planning on signing an extension with the Celtics this summer because it doesn’t make any sense. (Rob Foldy/Getty Images)

Kyrie Irving isn’t going to sign an extension with the Boston Celtics for 86 million reasons. Irving could sign an extension with the Celtics this summer worth $102 million over five years if he opts in or if he opts out the extension number is set at $104 million. If Irving were to just wait after the upcoming season, he could cash in on a deal worth about $188 million over five years. Therefore with Kyrie clearly being a max guy, in what world would he sign a contract extension this summer?

Irving isn’t a dumb guy and isn’t in any rush to sign a new deal because it doesn’t make any sense to do so now.

Now Irving could leave the Celtics after the 2019 season but that wouldn’t make sense either. Again, the clickbait people in the media are probably freaking out but there’s no reason for that to be the case. If he left the Celtics after 2019 he would earn $137 million over four years from another team. That’s way less than what he could earn with an already made contender. B: The Celtics are winning the title in 2019 so the hypothetical of him leaving a championship team is also very dumb to consider. Irving gushes over the young talent the Celtics have and can’t wait to get back on the court.

The Boston Celtics Are Winning The 2019 NBA Championship

I’m not sure there’s any real reason for the Celtics to be worried here. There’s no question that Kyrie just wants to beat LeBron by any means necessary this upcoming season. The Celtics are built to do just that. The real question that Celtics fans should be asking themselves is what is Boston going to do with Irving’s backup, Terry Rozier.