Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving didn’t comment on the Cavs recent transactions (Michael Dwyer/Associated Press)

Hey LeBron, want to know how to handle the media? Maybe you could learn a lesson from your former teammate because the 25-year-old Irving has more self awareness than the supposed ‘best player in the world’. Deep down, Irving is laughing hysterically watching the Cavs tear down a third of their roster. When it comes to the media, Kyrie is keeping it even keel and focus on the Celtics moving forward.

“I’m in Boston.”

Hey LeBron, learn a lesson, stop being a cancer in the locker room. While LeBaby James over in Cleveland constantly blames others, Kyrie is focused on Boston. Just like the successful Patriots catch phrase of ‘Do your job’, Irving has thrived in Boston. The Celtics are 7.5 games in front of the Cavs holding the throne as the first seed in the East. Hey LeBron, How are you 7.5 games behind a player you ran out of town?

The Celtics battled to win in overtime Thursday night in Washington 110-104. Irving has been a revelation putting up 28 against the Wizards and is averaging 24.8 points, 3.7 rebounds, and 5 assists per game. Kyrie is also lighting it up from the field stroking a 48.5 percent clip from the field and 39.8 rate from 3-point rating.

Before the game, Irving did start dreaming of the future in Boston that should have every fan drooling.

“In a perfect world, man, Gordon would be playing right now,” Irving said. “I think about the lineups all the time. I know I play the what-ifs and it’s not necessarily positive. But I play the what-ifs because I know how talented Gordon is and what he would bring to the table, and how much pressure he would relieve of me and also other guys on this team.

“So I think that it’s kind of like having an ace in the back pocket that you can’t necessarily use right now with Gordon being out. But we want him to get as healthy as possible. And that’s where we stand with that. Where I stand with that, too.”