Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant
(Mary Altaffer/Associated Press)

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant took to Instagram Live to talk about how they envision the offense being run. It certainly was entertaining, but Kyrie seems to still think he’s the focal point of the offense. Durant sure does have a lot of work cut out for himself this season.

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant Have Some Things to Work Out.

Kyrie is not ok. Someone needs to get this man help. In what world does a six-foot point guard want to have 7-8 post-ups a game? This can’t actually be what they’re thinking about. Kyrie is one of the best perimeter offensive players in the game. Why on Earth does he want to post and toast? Has he been watching too many Shaquille O’Neal highlights? Maybe, he has but he can’t really think that’s gonna fly?

Kyrie Irving Needs to Understand is the Guy Here.

The problem is I think he does believe he’s getting a majority of the ball time. Durant is coming off an Achilles injury which isn’t easy to come back from. However, even if Durant is 80-90% the player he once was that’s still All-Star level talent. Durant is the primary option on this team.

Kyrie needs to get that straight. Also, I don’t know what nonsense Kyrie was talking about in his past life. In some way, Kyrie believes he was a 7-foot demigod in a past life like Durant. Kyrie truly has lost his damn mind. News flash, in reality, Kyrie is a 6-foot guard with dribble moves, a layup package, and a good shot. Play to your strengths, not your made-up ones your real-world strengths.

I’d say the coach would do the right thing and have Kyrie do what he needs to do for the betterment of the Nets. However, as Kyrie said before everyone that’s employed for the Nets is going to be a coach at some point through the season.

The Brooklyn Nets sure have their work cut out for them if Kyrie is going to play this game all season. I genuinely hope it works out for them and they can have a playoff run. It makes the league more exciting to have a Durant team in the fray. However, Kyrie needs a reality check before they get any hopes of climbing the ladder.