Kyler Murray
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Kyler Murray To The MLB?

Remember all that drama surrounding Kyler Murray? The highly touted quarterback prospect out of Texas A&M, who was also the ninth overall pick in the 2018 MLB draft for the Oakland Athletics? It seemed for months he was teetering between the MLB or the NFL, and even after choosing the NFL, he has not ruled out a baseball career just yet.

While it certainly would not happen for some time, Murray taking a chance in the MLB is on the table. In his press conference following OTA’s, Murray admitted he had not yet closed the door on that possibility. Along with football and baseball, the Pro-Bowler also has a love for e-sports.

“I still hold on to the three-sport title,” Murray said, via the team’s website. “If the time came where I got to do what I wanted to do, which, I don’t know, but I’m leaving it open. I think I can still play [baseball] for sure, but we’ll add the gaming on to that. Don’t shortchange me, please.”

Do the Cardinals have a say?

This news surely made Kliff Kingsbury and the Arizona Cardinals nervous. They were wrong on Josh Rosen in 2018 but they now have their franchise quarterback, and they signed veterans in J.J. Watt and A.J. Green, not to mention that the team looks poised to end a five-year playoff drought. With all the pieces starting to fall into place, Murray is certainly sticking with football for a while.

“I know everybody around [the organization] probably feels different about it,” he added. “But me personally, I played the game my whole life. If I ever had the opportunity, for sure, I would definitely go for it.” 

It’s not as if this is an unprecedented move either. Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders had illustrious careers in both the NFL and MLB. To be able to compete at that degree in both leagues takes a really special athlete, and Murray is one of them.

Murray shuts the door

Kyler would later put the topic to rest, assuring that he did not want to start anything, and was rather just talking about the opportunity if it occurred.

“What are we talking about?” he asked in a rhetorical tone. “I’m sure anyone asking me about it would [take that opportunity], too. I’m not trying to start anything. I’m just talking.”

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