Kriegs Korner Episode 1 is live on YouTube.

Yup, I started a podcast too. I am sure you’re sick of me but I don’t care enough to stop producing content. I came to Vendetta as an intern looking to work on behind the scenes stuff, but much like the last 12 months, nothing goes as planned so I started writing. Trey had me on his podcast Friday and we talked some inner company stuff, sports and stocks.

I thought the podcast went really well, so I immediately turned around and asked Trey to be the guest on episode 1 of the new show I started today. I picked his brain for a few minutes about his journey to this point and what he sees the future looking like for the site.

I was surprised to hear he had never been a guest on a podcast yet, so make sure you listen to hear him on the other side of the microphone.

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