That’s Some Cheese – Episode 93 – 1.29.21

That’s Some Cheese returns for episode 93. Our newest intern Adam Krieger joins the show this week because he’s now the pace car for all the blogging interns. Adam is killing the game right now so he gets some air time. Credit to our interns. They stepped it up in a big way since I called for their heads the last episode. Adam has helped lead the way.

Before I begin much further, we had technical difficulties with the video version. The show is still being uploaded to YouTube but it will be the audio-only version. Apologies for that but you could always support us on Patreon so these issues don’t happen and we can afford fancier equipment.

This week on the show, Adam and I talk about Vendetta drama, its backstory, the stock market, Andy Reid’s legacy, and the MLB Hall of Fame. No video but we still have an awesome show for you!