9 Month Kittle Update
After a month of short hair, Kittle began to look like Chewbacca again. Photo by Matt Liessmann.

9 Month Kittle Update

Today Kittle is nine months old! If you remember from the Our Pets post, I gave some explanation on his personality. He’s stayed the same smart dog, but some things have changed so here is a Kittle update.

He is starting to turn into a teenager now. He doesn’t like to cuddle as much as he used to. Kittle still appreciates a good belly rub but likes to sleep independently now.

He is still a weird eater. He doesn’t boycott his food as much anymore, but he has gotten spoiled with his dog food. Some times we’ll give him a bone, but he won’t eat it unless it’s got a hint of Guinness on there to help him with nap time.

Kittle took a nap after dinner time. Photo by Lorraine Fernandez.

In the last post, I explained the many animals he can act like. But we learned recently after a hike that he is also a mountain goat. He trekked up the huge granite boulders no problem. But he was very hesitant about going down the steps near the waterfall. Not sure why that is but we’ll accept his goat status.

Kittle has little tennis balls to fetch after. However, when they bounce, he starts barking at it in confusion. To put that into perspective, he defies all small dog stereotypes and rarely barks. He also has been starting to show his toys some extra love… if you know what I mean.

Here is the first picture of Kittle wearing his VGK jersey. Photo by Lorraine Fernandez.

We recently got him a Vegas Golden Knights jersey that he wears every game day. He’s become the VGK house mascot for us. (We are still working on finding a quality George Kittle jersey.)

Overall, he’s a good puppy that is still growing strong. He was only two pounds when we got him and now, he’s four pounds. Believe it or not, he has gotten taller and longer. Seems like yesterday that he was only a couple months, but we’ve been quarantined since we got him and time no longer exists.

Happy 9 month birthday Kittle!