Our Pets
Serenity Liessmann’s puppy, Kittle, was running through the park while she captured this photo of him. Photo by Serenity Liessmann.

We wanted to do a fun post to brighten up your day. This is a collection of our staff writer’s pets. Each person provided pictures and little bios to tell you about our pets. Enjoy.


Kittle was laying down comfortably and was getting ready to take his nap. Photo by Serenity Liessmann.

Kittle is Serenity Liessmann’s puppy.

He is a rambunctious seven-and-a-half-month-old Yorkie puppy. He loves to play fetch and chase off birds. Even though he was born in Arizona, he loves the snow. He will run around in the snow until his body can’t handle the cold anymore.

Although he’s on the move a lot, nap time is very important. He will snuggle up with you and just enjoy your company. If you’re not around for nap time then he will roll himself up in blankets for his comfy nap.

Sometimes it is hard to tell that he is a dog. When he plays, he likes to jump around like a bunny. He will also chase lasers like a cat. And if you let him, he will sit on your shoulder like he’s a parrot. Kittle also looks like other animals based off of his hair cut. With short hair, he looks like Mushu from Mulan. With his long hair, he is either Chewbacca or an Ewok.

He’s a stubborn eater. If he gets his paws on any dropped human food, he will boycott his dog food for a day. Kittle also has to eat his bones in a certain way every time. But he loves his drinks. He takes after his owners liking Guinness and wine. A bit of an alcoholic if you let him be one.

He was named after the 49ers tight end, George Kittle.

Calvin and Molly

Calvin (on the left) and Molly (on the right) are captured in a sweet photo of them looking at each other. Photo by Jarrod Prosser.

Calvin and Molly are Jarrod Prosser’s dogs.

Calvin (border collie on the left). He’s lithe, incredibly quick, far too smart for his own good, kind of obnoxious, very loyal, very needy. His sporting doppelganger is clearly Rajon Rondo.

Molly (cattle dog on the right). Very contented demeanor to the untrained eye – she’s actually insanely competitive! Hates our chickens. Extremely loyal to our family but eschews all other people/dogs etc. Will chase rabbits and kangaroo’s until she can no longer run – far too slow to actually catch them, though. She’s our late-career McGrady.

Leia and Obi-Wan

Leia is captured in this cute photo of her looking into the camera. Photo by Alex Chick.

Leia: She’s named after Princess Leia from Star Wars, incredibly boujie. Has to be in the same room as someone at all times or she goes ballistic. I’m definitely her favorite and always likes to sleep next to me. Hates all other guys. She’s very protective but pretentious. She’ll only bark at you but nothing else. However, she’s my shoota from day 1.

Obi-Wan is captured here after eating some of that bone. Photo by Alex Chick.

Obi-Wan, or Obi as we like to call him, is almost the complete opposite as Leia. He’s also named from Star Wars obviously. Obi is very lovable and will love up on anyone. He never barks and if I didn’t know any better, I’d think he was high all the time. He’s very clumsy and reminds me a lot of Dopey from Snow White. He’s a big mess but is one of the most lovable dogs I know.

Both Leia and Obi-Wan are Alex Chick’s dogs.


Chloe is seen here getting comfy inside of a suit case. Photo by Chad Bauman.

Chloe is Chad Bauman’s dog.

Chloe 6 years old. She’s a Shih Tzu Maltese mix. Gemini. She likes car rides with the windows down. Bacon. Being held up high so she can feel tall. And is a total diva.