KB fight Jeff Nadu
Craig Churchill

Will KB and Jeff Nadu Fight in Rough and Rowdy?

KB and Jeff Nadu might fight in Rough and Rowdy, the Barstool Sports owned boxing company.

On The Yak KB one of the show’s host was detailing a little spat between himself and Jeff Nadu, one of the companies newer employees who does not work in the New York City Office.

“Do I have to fight Jeff Nadu? He is coming at me hard, I don’t want to..

I think he could fuck me up

I think I would squeeze his neck and strings of butter would come out like butter like a play-doh haircut

I think we should start with a geography competition

No I do not want to fight him… I would like to tussle with him in private”

KB on The Yak 2/3/21

Kyle Bauer aka KB is a former Division 1 college wrestler from Kent State University and we all know wrestlers are built different. Jeff Nadu however, is in slightly a bigger weight class than KB so I am not sure this fight would even be legal. Jeff Nadu who goes by the nickname Big Man on Campus has chronicled his weight loss on Twitter for the world to see.

While the weight loss is impressive for sure, he still is much heavier the KB who wrestled at 141 pounds his junior year in college. Yes yes I know KB is a satirical genius and can never have his words taken at face value, but this is still a funny fight to visualize happening.

Since I am a gambling man lets make some hypothetical odds for this potential bout. Since Jeff is so much bigger, I can not imagine him being anything less than -230. KB then would sit around +220/+200 and I would take the wrestler a hundred out of a hundred times. You know the Ryders would bet KB like crazy moving that line down to -180/+160.