Kawhi Leonard
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Kawhi Leonard Has Yet Another Problem

The Los Angeles Clippers are at a 3-1 deficit in the Western Conference Finals versus the Phoenix Suns. Not long after their third loss of the series, word got out that Kawhi Leonard is unhappy with the Clippers medical staff. Thinking back through major NBA news of the past few years, you will find that he vast majority of NBA rumors have some truth to them. Honestly, is anyone surprised with this? It seems like this guy has a problem everywhere he goes.

This has happened before. Kawhi was also unhappy with the San Antonio Spurs medical staff, prompting his exodus to Toronto. It’s not a coincidence that this news came soon after the Clippers went down 3-1 in the series. I don’t think Kawhi Leonard is actually unhappy with the medical staff. NBA medical teams provide some of the best athletic treatment money can buy. Dissatisfaction with medical staff (for the second time, mind you) is actually just code for “Kawhi realized he can’t win with the team he’s currently on.” Obviously, Kawhi isn’t going to just come out and say that, so the whole medical thing provides a reason for him to be unhappy without making him extremely unlikeable.

Kawhi Has Given Himself an Excuse to Leave Los Angeles

Whether or not the medical staff is the real reason for Kawhi’s discontent, he will be an unrestricted free agent after this year. Him leaving Los Angeles wouldn’t really be a surprise since there’s already a rumored excuse for his departure. Kawhi is a blatant ring-chaser that hasn’t received any flack for it in the past.

Gregg Popovich hit the nail on the head back in 2018. Leonard isn’t going to be the leader on a championship team. He wasn’t in San Antonio or Toronto, and he definitely isn’t leading anything in Los Angeles. That’s completely fine – not everyone has to be a leader, but the fact of the matter is that Kawhi Leonard has gotten away with a lot of toxic-ish behavior in the past without a lot of criticism, especially with the Spurs situation. Maybe he stays, maybe he goes, but letting a rumor leak about being unhappy with the medical staff is petty and unnecessary either way.

The Clippers look to avoid elimination in Game 5 tonight. Kawhi Leonard will not play due to his knee injury.


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