Brian Flores
I’m just going to say it: Brian Flores is a jackass. Where can I find his PR team because I can’t fathom how Flores was perfect with the Dolphins. (Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

I’m Just Going To Say It: Brian Flores Is A Jackass

Where do I find the PR team for Brian Flores? Can I have his agent? What about his defense attorney? No? Well, at least I tried.

The better question is; why am I the only person trying to find out who’s pulling the narrative strings behind the curtains to defend Brian Flores? The common narrative out there is this idea that Flores did nothing wrong in Miami. That somehow this idea exists that Flores was victimless with the Dolphins. Somehow this idea exists that there was no just cause for having him fired.

Soooo I’m just going to say it because I don’t get it. Brian Flores is a jackass. Somebody has to.

Emmanuel Acho is a Fox Sports personality who got some traction for this statement. For some reason, I keep coming back to this Tweet. The reason why I keep coming back to this Tweet is because it truly is arguably the dumbest thing I’ve quite literally ever heard in my life. It comes across as immature, pathetic, sad, and basically serves as Acho’s way to tell the world that he isn’t very intelligent.

The opinion that Acho has might not be the incorrect one. It has everything to do with the way his opinion is portrayed.

As I said in my state of the union blog, I have new words of affirmation:

I am more than my thoughts. I am a living, breathing thing. My thoughts could be correct. My thoughts could be incorrect. But my thoughts are valid because I am smart.

Back to Acho – the point being is we are more than our thoughts. To suggest that the range of outcomes to firing Flores is ridiculous at best and incompetent at worst is sad for so many reasons. Most of which because it shows that Acho is incapable of seeing anything beyond his viewpoint and cannot logically think through anything beyond what his initial gut feeling is.

We won’t know the result for a while but there are a billion ways this thing can go. Range of outcomes exist.

A: So it’s impossible that Miami will find a better head coach than Brian Flores? Look around the league. The teams that are turning the corner are all hiring offensive head coaches.

B: Does anyone know all of the things that Flores did and did not do during his Dolphins tenure? The answer is no unless you’re inside that building.

C: How much roster control did Flores have? Based on the personnel decisions the Dolphins have made, are you telling me there is no reason to fire Flores? Because I can name at least 12. Probably more. All indications are that Flores had a strong say. In fact, it’s also indicated that Flores at minimum signed off on every single player the Dolphins had on the roster.

Personally, I think Flores is a good coach. He clearly knows defense and appears to be a guy that doesn’t take BS. Those are usually my kind of guys. However, to suggest that Flores did no wrong in Miami would be laughable and would come across as simple-minded.

Look… I don’t have sympathy for people getting fired. We basically played Russian Roulette with firing people in the past. Vendetta Survivor existed for a reason. All of those people got fired for a reason. So I’m not going to sit here and throw a pity party for Flores based on the things we know about him.

It’s hard to sort through all of the news reports. We know they have agendas and are leaked by certain people. What we can do, however, is try our best to sort through everything in the most non-biased way possible. Before we even get there, these are non-deniable facts.

Flores spent three years as the Dolphins head coach. Flores has had three different offensive coordinators and four offensive line coaches during that time. Miami is currently the 32nd ranked offensive line in the league, 21st ranked scoring offense, and 25th ranked total offense.

So let’s get this straight… there is no just cause for firing a coach that couldn’t get the offense or offensive line right that he helped put a staff together in place and had say in which players were getting drafted? Do we see how ridiculous this sounds?

That’s forgetting about the minor things like the fact that Flores basically got a free timeout against the Saints because he didn’t know a rule. Sean Payton blew a gasket. What about the Baltimore game when Tua wasn’t healthy enough to start the game but somehow was healthy enough to play later? Makes no sense.

There is more to the story, of course. Flores, according to numerous reports, is a total jackass. These reports may or may not be true but there are enough of them from connected people to suggest that’s the case.

How about this one where Flores told Tua Tagovailoa that he should have picked Mac Jones instead. Comes across as weak. Especially when you consider that Tua wasn’t even in the same draft class.

There are more I can use but you get the point. He once tried to fight the entire Cincinnati Bengals bench but let’s not even go there. I’ve been in fights before.

Flores could be considered a good coach. He took over a tanking Dolphins team that eventually started winning games. Guy ran a heck of a defense. But I’m not going to sit here and pretend that Flores doesn’t have any flaws. In fact, it’s probably safe to say Flores is even a bit of a jackass.