June 20 EPL Game Recap
English Premier League team Arsenal. Photo by Nick Potts/ PA Wire/ PA Images.

People were excited about the return of the English Premier League (EPL) on Wednesday. This first weekend was jammed packed with four EPL games. Here are the June 20 EPL game recaps.

Watford vs. Leicester (1-1)

The first half of the game was a struggle for both teams. In the 40 minute, Tielemans received the only yellow card for the game.

Watford took advantage of the five substitutions rule, while Leicester stuck to three.

In the 90 minute, Leicester finally got something on the board. Chilwell was able to receive a long ball from Gray. He took a touch to settle at the top left of the box. He lobbed the ball for the far post and got it in the top right.

In the third extra time, Watford got a corner kick. The ball was kicked into the center of the box. Dawson was able to twist his body and jump to get his laces on the ball. With the ball hurdling to the goal, the keeper couldn’t catch it. The ball bounced to the post and in.

Watford had eight shots on goal, while Leicester had 15. Leicester had 58% of the possession for the game. The game ended in a 1-1 draw.

The fans were able to react live through Zoom as AFG Aarhus did.

Brighton vs. Arsenal (2-1)

This game left Arsenal fans in tears.

Two Brighton players received yellow cards within the first half. Arsenal only received one yellow.

In the 68 minute, Arsenal got onto the board. Pepe received a short pass just inside of the box. He took a few touches to open up space between two defenders. He aimed for the upper left 90 and got it in while the keeper dove.

In the 75 minute, Brighton took a corner. There was a short pass then a wall pass that led the play into the box. Dunk received the ball near the goal and slid the ball on the ground towards the far post.

The game looked like it would be a tie until the fifth extra minute. Maupay received a long ball into the box. He took a touch to settle with a defender hot on his heels. The keeper came out and Maupay was able to pop the ball over him and into the goal.

Brighton had ten shots while Arsenal had 15. Both teams used all five substitutions. The game ended 2-1 Brighton.

West Ham vs. Wolves (0-2)

Each team received a yellow in the first half.

The Wolves used four of the five substitutions, while West Ham used only three.

In the 73 minute, Wolves finally scored. Jimenez received a cross into the box and was able to head the ball into the goal.

In the 84 minute, Wolves scored again. Pedro Neto received a small cross in the box. With e left-footed volley he was able to get the ball in past the keeper.

West Ham only had seven shots and Wolves got 11 shots. The game ended with a 2-0 Wolves win.

Bournemouth vs. Crystal Palace (0-2)

Bournemouth received three yellow cards during the game and Crystal Palace had two. Both teams only used three substitutions in the game.

In the 12 minute, Crystal Palace scored their first goal. Milivojevic scored off of a set-piece. He was able the get the ball over the wall. The keeper got a hand on the ball but was unable to stop the goal.

In the 23 minute, Crystal Palace scored again. Van Aanholt takes the ball down the left from an overlapping run. He passes the ball back for it to find Jordan Ayew. From 12 yards out, Ayew gets the ball in near post.

Bournemouth had 12 shots but couldn’t get one in. Crystal Palace only had seven shots for the game. It ended 2-0 for Crystal Palace.