Julio Jones
Julio Jones wants 3,000 receiving yards this season. Is this even possible? (Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

When you think of the best receiver in football, Julio Jones is probably the name that comes to mind. Others have been great but nobody has been more consistent over a sustained period of time like Julio. Over the past 5 years, Julio has made the Pro Bowl every single year. It’s not secret that the guy is a monster.

Mr. Jones is setting his goals high for the 2019-2020 season. Screw Calvin Johnson’s single season receiving record. Julio wants to take that record, put it in his back pocket, and smash it. Calvin Johnson holds the record with 1,954 yards in 2012. Julio Jones wants 3,000 this upcoming season.

“I’m not ever going to lie to you; I’m going crazy this year,” Jones told D. Orlando Ledbetter of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution after his podium session Wednesday. “I’m going crazy. I’ve been doing everything that I need to do. I’m taking care of my body. Physically and mentally, I’ll be ready to go.”

“Well, I’m not a prediction-type guy, but I might mess around and go three [ thousand], you know what I’m talking about,” Jones said with a straight face.

Jones would have to average 187.5 yards per game in 16 games to reach that goal. That’s an insane number. He does have some factors that do help his cause. 1: This Falcons defense is ass. Atlanta is going to be in a lot of shootouts again. The Falcons allowed 26.4 points per game in 2018 ranking 25th in the NFL. They ranked 28th in yards allowed. 2: Matt Ryan is a capable quarterback. 3: He plays in a dome in 13 of his 16 games this year. How INSANE is that?

Jones does currently hold the franchise record for receiving yards in a season with 1,871 receiving yards in 2015. Julio Jones 5 years ago if he had Kyle Shanahan with a dog shit defense, I may have thought this was possible. Jones is 30 now and those days might be over. I’m sure as hell not counting him out though.