Julio Jones
Julio Jones does not care about becoming the highest paid wide receiver. That’s great news for the Falcons. (Jason Getz/USA Today Sports)

I’ve given Julio Jones some shit for his lack of touchdown catches and phantom injuries during games but he’s a hell of a player. Julio and I had some good moments together ever since I drafted him in fantasy while he was still playing at the University of Alabama. Jones did nothing except become the best receiver in the sport for about a decade straight. The thing that makes Julio the best is his personality. There’s never any drama like other wide receivers.

Julio Jones was recently asked about his contract that has 2 years remaining. This is why Julio is great:

“Me, personally, I don’t really care about as far as being the highest-paid receiver, man,” Jones said. “It’s a number. We’ve got some other guys on the team. If we can do it in a way to get all the other guys to stay on the team … it’s a lot of ways you can do money.”

Jones is starting to become criminally underpaid. Jones is the 11th highest paid receiver at the moment. After signing a five-year, $71.25 million contract extension in August of 2015, he has just 2 years remaining on that contract. Could be bitch about Stefon Diggs making more money than him? Hell yeah, but that’s what makes Jones great. No diva wide receiver qualities here.

Jones, 30, reeled in 113 catches for 1,677 yards, and 8 touchdowns in 2018. He’s been one of the most consistent receivers every single year. The question now is how much do you want to pay Jones once he hits age 32 and the contract runs out? Atlanta may be better off extending him now instead of paying for it later.