JuJu Smith Schuster
(Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)

Is Juju Smith-Schuster the nicest player in the NFL?

I’m shocked that this is a question that I am seriously asking but here I am asking it. Last week the Steelers beat the Los Angeles Rams in Pittsburgh 17-12 in an absolute snooze fest. Before the game, LA’s superstar cornerback Jalen Ramsey had some choice words for rising star Juju Smith-Shuster.

“No disrespect to [Juju Smith-Shuster], he’s not Antonio Brown. I matched up with Antonio here for two years…and I held my own…now I’m going up against a different person, different body type, different receiver.”

Honestly, I thought Jalen was going to talk a lot more shit to Juju considering he’s one of the biggest trash talkers in professional sports. The most surprising thing though was Juju’s response. The young star took the high road and spoke with so much class that for a split second I didn’t completely hate him for not only being on the Steelers, but for beating Penn State in the Rose Bowl in 2017. Fuck you Juju. The amount of class this kid has is undeniable from what he said about the Ramsey comments.

“[Jalen Ramsey] is right…I’ll never be Antonio Brown. I am myself. I’m not as good as him yet. I think I still have time to proceed to get to his level, but we’re two totally different persons.”

Good for you Juju. I love this move for him to take the high road and own that he is his own person, and although comparisons will always be made between the two its important to remember how different they are. However, the funniest thing that happened was when Juju was asked what it was like to be matched up with Jalen Ramsey. Now we all know Ramsey is a shit talker, but Juju maybe giving Jalen the heavyweight belt with this quote.

“He talks so much. He said so many cuss words I ain’t never heard of, and I’m 22 years old.”

So I don’t know if Ramsey just speaks gibberish, or if Juju is so sheltered that he still thinks crap and freakin are curse words. Also I fucking hate when people say “cuss”. It’s curse, you moron. I need to meet Jalen Ramsey as soon as possible so he can teach me these new hip sentence enhancers. As for you Juju Smith Schuster, don’t ever change. The league needs more good guys like you.