Joey Mulinaro
Joey Mulinaro is leaving Barstool Sports. The news isn’t shocking. It remains to be seen what’s next for the famous voice impersonator. (Joey Mulinaro)

Joey Mulinaro Is Leaving Barstool Sports

Another personality is leaving Barstool Sports. Joey Mulinaro has made it known that he is leaving the company. The reason remains a bit of a mystery. Nevertheless, the guy better known as the new Frank Caliendo is moving on from Barstool.

Mulinaro got his start in media working for the Pat McAfee show. Of course, at that time they were part of Barstool. Mulinaro transitioned into Barstool only after his voice impressions got popular. After that happened, Barstool scooped him up.

I can’t say for certain but you kind of saw this coming the second Mulinaro signed with Barstool, in the first place. Mulinaro is not part of any shows at Barstool. He does not ever come into the New York City office. His voice videos create buzz but they don’t really ever create buzz for Barstool. The blogs Mulinaro does SCREAM homer but I guess that isn’t untrue for any other Barstool blogger.

There really wasn’t any niche there. What Mulinaro does stands on its own. Barstool really can’t help him besides for the obvious fact of sharing the same video. Barstool could aid his content creation ability but it felt like that was never the case. Felt like a waste of talent because Barstool never really put him on any projects minus the fact that he could blog whenever.

Mulinaro took a shot to make a bigger name for himself. Barstool Sports tried to scoop a rising media personality. Just was never a good fit from the start. It remains to be seen what’s next for Joey the voice impersonator.