Jersey Jerry
Jersey Jerry is becoming a loveable Barstool Sports character. Jersey Jerry is officially on his way towards stardom at their company. (Barstool Sports Image)

Jersey Jerry Is Becoming A Loveable Barstool Character

There is a lot of controversy regarding Barstool and Dave Portnoy right now. Putting those allegations aside for a second, there is one thing Barstool has absolutely nailed and that is the hire of Jersey Jerry. Mr. Blue Collar himself is becoming a star right in front of our eyes and it’s not hard to see why.

Jersey Jerry has already essentially replaced Deion Sanders on the Pro Football Football Show. Let’s be real; he’s not giving that job back to Prime. The viewership is up and he’s a much better fit next to Portnoy and Big Cat. Jerry also has a big fight coming up against Jeff Nadu. A win there would go a long way to creating more buzz for him.

The little things are adding up with Jerry. He’s nailing the fight game promotion with Nadu tricking him into a fake audition. Jerry has made a trip to LA to hang out with the Tik Tokers where he clearly didn’t fit in, nor want to be there which made it funny. His contract negotiations were funny. His backstory just makes him likable in general.

The number one piece of content Jerry does is the signs. I’m a sucker for superstitious shit so when he goes on about the signs about who’s going to score a touchdown that night with the crazy ass logic, it’s must see TV. At least it is for me. It’s a brilliant idea.

Jerry has 100 percent won over the room. He’s officially one of the guys and has become or is becoming a star at Barstool Sports.