Joe Burrow
(Bryan Woolston/AP Photo)

Joe Burrow Better Version Of Carson Palmer?

Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer knows a thing or two about former Cincinnati Bengals Quarterbacks, having spent 6 seasons as their defensive coordinator. During his time, he was able to watch Carson Palmer firsthand during practice and live in-game, so the comparison made between him and Joe Burrow shouldn’t be taken lightly. In a media session leading up to their game this weekend, Zimmer told reporters that Burrow reminds him a lot of Palmer, but better.

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“I have been extremely impressed with watching Burrow. This kid is competitive,” Zimmer said, via “He’s a heck of a scrambler. He’s got a big-time arm, he’s not afraid to throw the ball into tight windows. He seems to see things and get the ball off really quick. It looks like, I remember, Carson the way he could spin the ball. This guy probably will be better than him. He’s a better scrambler, but I’ve been so impressed with the toughness. He will take a shot, scramble and dive or the first down. Run a quarterback draw. All the things he does. I think y’all hit big on that one.”

Joe Burrow is coming off a torn ACL suffered last season. He was finally starting to put together consistent games at the helm of the Bengals offense before the injury. Some might think that thanks in part to the injury suffered last season compounded with the Bengals failing to address the offensive line this off-season that you should maybe stay away from him in fantasy. If you take any solace in the fact that he’s being compared to one of the better Quarterbacks in franchise history, he might be just fine.

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