Joe Burrow
(Bryan Woolston/AP Photo)

Joe Burrow Should Scare Fantasy Owners Because Of The Bengals’ Offensive Line

Joe Burrow’s eyes appear large in the photo above, and it is likely because he sees a defensive lineman coming right at him. The Bengals drafted the best WR in the 2021 Draft Class, but Ja’Marr Chase might not have many catches because Burrow will not have time to even get him the ball. The decision to draft Chase has Burrow’s name all over it, and while it makes sense that he wants his former LSU receiver, one would think that he would have kept his torn ACL foremost in his mind during the draft instead of prioritizing his former teammates.

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This offensive line is still not good, and Burrow could suffer the same injury because of his offensive line again. Because of the fragility of the entire situation, Joe Burrow is a fantasy QB I recommend avoiding. The team failed to address the very issue that got Burrow injured in the first place.

I hope to God that Joe Burrow doesn’t get injured again. However, that’s on notice for me just because the Bengal’s offensive line is still bad. I can’t say Ja’Marr Chase is high on fantasy lists for me because of this either. QBs simply need time to throw to their weapons. Joe Burrow won’t have that. If he, God forbid, gets injured, his backup will probably won’t have time either. He’s definitely worth avoiding if your fantasy league deducts points for sacks. If you’re drafting Joe Burrow, good luck.

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