Joe Benigno
(Chris Rotolo)

Joe Benigno had a very long and successful career as a show host on WFAN. One of the most prolific on-air personalities in New York for a quarter-century has finally hung it up.

Joe Benigno Turned the Midday Into a Mainstay Program

WFAN previewed that there would be a big announcement during the 5 p.m. hour of Joe & Evan on the FAN. That announcement time was moved up to 2 p.m. as word got out last night, Benigno was retiring. I was lucky enough to be in my car to hear the announcement myself.

Benigno had one of the greatest radio stories of any show host. Not just in New York but across the country. Benigno went from caller to midday and afternoon drive host.

From Caller to Show Host

Mike and the Mad Dog were the show Benigno would frequently call to argue about the Mets, Rangers, Knicks, and Jets. He is known to many listeners and Mike Francesa as “Joe from Saddle Brook.”

Benigno became known as the voice of the New York Jet fan during his run on the FAN. His frequent rants about the Mets, Jets, and Knicks turned him into a radio star in New York City. Fans would call in frequently to vent their frustrations with him.

Joe & Evan, Benigno’s show for the past 13 years with co-host Evan Roberts, changed the way people looked at the midday spot. WFAN’s midday spot was a turn-style until Joe & Evan arrived. Frequently new hosts every few weeks, there was always a new show. Benigno changed that and became a mainstay in the midday slot, something that was never done before.

Many former players, such as Micheal Irvin and Ray Lucas, called in to today’s show with Joe & Evan to congratulate Benigno on his career. And to say goodbye to an old friend.

We will miss you, buddy… This has officially taken my 2020 down as the worst day of the year.

Micheal Irvin

Bro tell me your not frecking retiring… From the bottom of my heart, I want to say you have been a great voice in New York for many years.

Ray Lucas

It truly has been an excellent career for the great Joe B. However, newly signed host Craig Carton is returning and most likely will take Benigno’s place. We wish you the best in retirement from all of us at Vendetta Sports, Benigno; it’s been a hell of a ride.