Start Em Sit Em

We’re back for Week 8 of the Start Em Sit Em series for the 2020 NFL season. As we’re about to be halfway through the season, we are starting to see patterns on who are good starts because of the team they are facing. Conversely, we are seeing who are good sits because of the team they are facing. We’re a little bit past halfway to your fantasy playoffs. Let’s see what players could give you a win (or loss).

Start Em Sit Em QBs


Baker Mayfield: The Browns face the leaky Raiders defense. As long as Paul Guenther is still the Raiders defensive coordinator, the Las Vegas defense will struggle. Baker Mayfield, as inconsistent as he can be, should be good against the Raiders.

Derek Carr: Likewise, the only thing that keeps the Raiders in games is their offense. Their offense is a top 10 offense, and Derek Carr is a big reason for that. I expect the Browns-Raiders game to be a shootout, which is good for both QBs in terms of fantasy production.

Teddy Bridgewater: The Panthers play the Falcons this week, so you know what that means. Somehow, someway, Atlanta will probably blow the game. However, most of their games have been high scoring. Expect Teddy Bridgewater to have a great day.


Aaron Rodgers: I wouldn’t bench Aaron Rodgers often, but this week, it is probably wise. The Vikings aren’t that good; their offense is not that good. The Packers will get a lead and a lead early. They will feed Aaron Jones for the rest of the time. I’m not saying Rodgers is a bad start, but there might be better options.

Patrick Mahomes: I almost would never recommend this, but this would be a good time as ever to sit Patrick Mahomes. They play the Jets this week. There’s no way this game will be close; therefore, there’s no reason to need Mahomes. They will feed Clyde Edwards-Helaire or Le’Veon Bell.

Tom Brady: I hate Tom Brady; sorry I had to get that off my chest. He beat my Raiders last week rather convincingly. Much like the other two Sit Em QBs, the Bucs play a lousy team in the Giants. There’s just no reason for Tom Brady to ball out. They will use their RBs to help win the game.

Start Em Sit Em RBs


Todd Gurley: Todd Gurley and the Falcons face the Panthers. The Panthers have been suspect to the run game. This opens up the possibility for Gurley to have a good game, and it should be a high scoring affair for sure.

Miles Sanders OR Boston Scott: I’m still not sure who’s starting this week for the Eagles at RB. But whoever it is, whether it is Miles Sanders or Boston Scott, that is the smart start. The Cowboys offense has sucked without Dak Prescott, meaning the Eagles have a chance to build a lead and then eat the clock with one of these RBs.

Jonathan Taylor: The Colts have some good things on their team, a great defense, great RBs, for example. What they don’t have is a passing game. They will look to Jonathan Taylor to sustain the lead they should have against the Lions.


James Conner: James Connor faces the Baltimore defense, which makes him an automatic sit. This defense is strong, and to win, both of these teams need to pass.

La’Mical Perine/Frank Gore: The Jets suck. When teams suck, they will need to pass the ball to keep up. I don’t care who starts at RB for the Jets; sit them. They will be behind early and by a lot facing the Chiefs—no need for an RB in this one.

Baltimore RBs: Even after losing Devin Bush, the Steelers defense is still stout. That makes it hard for the Ravens RBs, whoever they go with. Although the Ravens have a solid rushing attack, I expect more passing in this game.

Start Em Sit Em WRs


Jarvis Landry: With Odell Beckham Jr. out, Jarvis Landry is the clear No. 1 receiver in Cleveland. Against the Raiders porous secondary, Landry should have a GAME.

Adam Thielen: The Vikings suck and will have to throw to keep up with the Packers. Adam Thielen is in the top five in PPR for fantasy leagues. That shouldn’t change this week as he is really the most reliable receiving option for Kirk Cousins.

DJ Moore: Falcons secondary sucks. That is most of the reason why they will blow leads. That means DJ Moore should have a good time against them. It’s hard to predict which Panthers WR will have a good day. This is a safe pick.


Tyreek Hill: Much like Patrick Mahomes, there’s really no need for Tyreek Hill this week. He is the Chiefs’ deep threat, and Kansas City will be looking to stay on the field as long as possible against the Jets. Look for another receiver to start

Cowboys WRs: Ben DiNucci (WHO?) is the starting QB for the Cowboys now. That doesn’t scream production for the trio that the Cowboys have at WRs in Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, and CeeDee Lamb. Look to sit all of them this week until we know what DiNucci can do until Andy Dalton comes back.

DeVante Parker: I like DeVante Parker, but it seems he is always injured or something is going on with him. This week the Rams play the Dolphins, and that means Jalen Ramsey should be on DeVante Parker. Preston Williams or Mick Gesicki might be a better start here.



Harrison Bryant: With Austin Hooper out and David Njoku not happy in Cleveland, this might open the door for Harrison Bryant to be a fantasy asset, especially against the Raiders this week. After Jarvis Landry, it’s a toss up on who is the next receiving option for the Browns. Take that chance that Harrison Bryant is that guy.

Jimmy Graham: The Bears play the Saints this week, who have been notorious for giving up fantasy points to TEs. After Allen Robinson, the receiving core for the Bears is bleak. Jimmy Graham should have a decent day considering if Nick Foles can be decent.

Evan Engram: Giants fans were upset with Evan Engram, but I still like him as a fantasy TE. He is still top 10 for fantasy TEs, and they will need someone to throw to against the Bucs. Daniel Jones should be able to get him the ball.


Mark Andrews: I don’t like Mark Andrews against the Steelers. I think Pittsburgh has players that can guard him. I would avoid starting him this week just in case.

TJ Hockenson: The Lions play the Colts this week, who have a great defense. They will cover TJ Hockenson well and not give him a lot. Don’t start him.

Dalton Schultz: Much like the other Cowboys WRs, we don’t know what Ben DiNucci is all about. It would be safer to sit him this week to figure out what he is capable of. Or wait till Andy Dalton comes back, either or.