Jeff Nadu
Jeff Nadu complained about Big Man On Basketball Merch being taken down on the Barstool Sports Store. Dave Portnoy stuffed him in a locker. (Barstool)

BMob vs BMob? Which is your college basketball podcast of choice? The Rico vs Jeff Nadu rivalry is in full force as the two have started podcasts with the same initials. Rico, Marty Mush, and Pardon My Take Jake host a show called Bench Mob. Jeff Nadu then started his own show called Big Man on Basketball. Round one of the fight goes to BMob!

Nadu takes the first L of the early rivalry. It would appear the fans are choosing BMob over BMob. Nadu noticed his merchandise was taken down from the Barstool Sports Store. Complaining about it over social media probably wasn’t the wisest move because Dave Portnoy immediately stuffed him in a locker.

Score one for the Rico Ryders. Of course, Portnoy is among the biggest Ryders that exist. They’ve been together with Big Cat for two presidencies hosting the pick em show.

Portnoy and Big Cat love to pick on Rico for being Rico. The dumbest thing Nadu can do is get in the way of that. This is a big win for the Ryders and the hype circle. If Nadu isn’t selling merch, that likely is because the people care more about Rico.

If you go to the Barstool Sports Store, there is in fact merch you can buy for Rico’s show. The Bmob branding is strong. Then you have Bmob which is an okay brand and just fits the name of the person.

Regardless, Nadu shut up real quick. He did not have a response after Portnoy’s last tweet. Smart move by him. He’s only digging himself more into a hole.

In other Barstool news, Young Pageviews is in a big feud with Portnoy. Time will tell what happens there.

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