JD Martinez
(Barry Chin/Globe Staff/Globe Staff)

Boom, Roasted.

The Boston sports media scene is brutal as everyone knows, but I had no idea they could be this blunt. Yesterday, JD Martinez walked up to the podium for what he thought was going to be another average press conference. Little did Martinez know he was about to get absolutely roasted by a long-time WBZ Boston reporter.

“How frustrating was it to hit .213 last year?,” said Jonny Miller in his stereotypical Boston accent, “What were some of the problems you had, and what did you do in the offseason to improve?”

Miller went on to make a couple more remarks following that slew of schoolyard insults but I honestly had trouble myself trying to translate what that man said. Aside from the poor internet connection he had, ole Jonny Miller doesn’t seem to have a good grasp of the English language.

JD Martinez didn’t react how most athletes would, though. He just smiled and laughed his ass off because he must have some kind of rapport with Jonny Miller from past press conferences, and the way the questions got presented was just outright hilarious.

Jonny Miller Is What We Need

We need more brave souls like Jonny Miller in sports media. Anyone who has the nerve to come out of left field with questions like that deserve a medal of honor and an Emmy for putting on a show with such quality entertainment. Granted, most of the reporters are beat writers for the teams themselves and have some kind of relationship with the players, but still, this is just what the world needs right now. 

All in all, Jonny Miller really was not wrong in what he said. Martinez had his worst year with the Red Sox in 2020. He only batted .213 (thanks, Jonny), had seven home runs, struck out 59 times, and only had 27 RBI’s. It may also be worth noting that he played 54 out of the 60 games during the COVID season, but that’s not a campaign he wants to repeat. 

For a player making nearly $20 million upcoming in 2021, Martinez should be living up to his contract, and I’m sure Jonny Miller would agree with me