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Jayson Tatum Has No Originality In His Finals Celebrations

Jayson Tatum
(Elsa/Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports)

Jayson Tatum Has No Originality In His Finals Celebrations

The Boston Celtics finally won their 18th NBA Championship with Jayson Tatum leading the way in points, rebounds, and assists for the team. Surprisingly, he didn’t end up with the Finals MVP which landed in the hands of Jaylen Brown for his tremendous efforts on both ends of the floor. If that wasn’t enough content for social media to use against Jayson Tatum, his celebrations after the finals only gave the public more ammo.

This seems like a nit-picky thing to clown Tatum on but the Celtics star really gave the people no choice after essentially doing nothing original in his celebration. First, came a bellow to the heavens screaming “We did it” very similar to Kevin Garnett’s “Anything’s possible” after the Celtics 2008 ring. Next, was the repetitive usage of the phrase “What they gon say now” which is exactly what Steph Curry repeated after the unlikely 2018 Warriors ring. After all this, he then shamelessly used Kanye’s famous line when receiving his 2005 Grammy, “I guess we’ll never know.” Lastly, this should have been expected but Tatum of course ended up recreating the Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan esque pictures with the finals trophy. The video below details it all.

Jayson Tatum should know by now just how ruthless NBA fans and NBA Twitter can be. Making the same mistake not once or twice but four times was an egregious lack of awareness from the Celtics leader. This was him literally begging to be trolled and flamed which is exactly what happened. Hopefully, this will be a lesson for him in the future to learn from and work on creating more original moments.

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