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Jaylen Brown: A Poetic Finals MVP

Jaylen Brown
(Peter Casey/USA TODAY Sports)

Jaylen Brown is a Poetic Finals MVP

Jaylen Brown aided the Boston Celtics to Championship Banner 18. Defeating the Dallas Mavericks in 5 games with Brown named finals MVP in the process. Brown along with many other players on this Celtic roster have cemented themselves as winners. While most of their legacies are still growing, it is very poetic that Jaylen Brown was the one to hoist that Finals MVP. 

Brown has gone from underappreciated to undeniable through this postseason run that had the Celtics finally getting over the mountaintop and achieving basketball immortality. While many may believe Jayson Tatum should have taken home the award understandably. Jaylen Brown was the right choice not just for his play in these Finals but for what Brown has meant to this Celtics franchise for his entire career. 

The Celtics drafted Brown with the 3rd pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, as the Celtics were in a position to win during that time with Isaiah Thomas running the show, then eventually Kyrie Irving. Outside of Al Horford, Brown is the only player from the 2016-17 Celtics who is still on the roster. Matter of fact, Jaylen Brown is the longest-tenured player on the Celtics roster playing all 8 seasons in Boston. 8 seasons filled with doubts about his ability to become a great player, then becoming a good scorer. When he became a great scorer the narrative shifted to coexisting with his teammate Jayson Tatum. Then it was he couldn’t use his left hand. These were all things people loved to highlight about Brown in his 8 years with the Celtics. 

It’s time to credit Brown for his tenacity to block out all the adversity to now today be recognized as a key piece of a champion. Every season he got better and it has paid off ultimately. Brown winning Finals MVP is poetic because this journey always started with him at the forefront being the first pillar in what could potentially be another Celtics Dynasty. 

Faith Consistency and Hard Work Pays Off indeed Jaylen Brown.


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