Jay Williams
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Jay Williams Probably Lied About a Twitter Hack Following a Bad Tweet

Earlier today, the Boston Celtics announced they would be hiring Ime Udoka, a Brooklyn Nets assistant coach, as their new head coach. ESPN NBA analyst Jay Williams took to Twitter following the hire and had this to say:

The first head coach of color for the Celtics… & even more importantly… he is one talented individual who has paid his dues.

Jay Williams, in since-deleted Tweet

This is quite simply a very incorrect Tweet. Before the hire of Udoka, the Boston Celtics had SIX head coaches of color in their history. These names include Bill Russell, Satch Sanders, K.C. Jones, Jimmy Rodgers, M.L. Carr, and Doc Rivers. Rivers led the C’s to their last championship in 2008. It’s not like Jay Williams overlooked a random dude in the 1960s who only coached for one season. Over one-third of Celtics head coaches have been men of color, and Russell, Jones, and Rivers are some extremely notable names.

Williams Claimed He Was Hacked

Upon realizing his ridiculous mistake, Jay Williams deleted his Tweet and claimed he was hacked.

Many observers were very quick to call Williams out for his absurd explanation. LeBron James chimed in as well.

Of course, this hacker excuse doesn’t make any sense. I think that’s plainly obvious. No hacker who got access to the Twitter account of an NBA analyst would post a single, factually inaccurate Tweet using the same punctuation as the guy he hacked. While the classic protocol after being called out on Twitter is to deny and claim a hack, Jay Williams should probably just admit that he messed up rather than roll with this nonsense.


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