Ross Blacklock
Ross Blacklock was ejected late in the Texans’ loss to the Ravens on Sunday. J.J. Watt did not hesitate to share his thoughts on the play (Brett Coomer)

The Houston Texans got beat down by the Baltimore Ravens in a 33-16 defeat. Frustration among the team was high late in the fourth quarter. That frustration was too much for rookie Ross Blacklock to handle, as he was ejected in the fourth quarter. Three-time defensive player of the year and team captain J.J. Watt didn’t hesitate to tell the media how he felt about the ejection as he said the following:

Stupid. Selfish. It was a stupid play. I’ve spoken to Blacklock before … it pisses me off. It’s a selfish move, late in the game … it’s dumb. Very dumb to hurt your team in that type of setting for no reason.

J.J. Watt is not very impressed with Blacklock, a second-round pick out of Texas Christian University (TCU), who Houston picked to fill the void left by D.J Reader. Reader signed with the Cincinnati Bengals in free agency.

Blacklock’s ejection did not bode well with the former Defensive Player of the Year (DPOY), Watt, who as the leader of a struggling defense this year, gets upset with senseless and undisciplined actions. It’s up to the Texans veterans to discipline Blacklock, for the sake of the organization.

The Texans must be hopeful that 31-year old J.J. Watt can mentor the rookie out of making mistakes as they can and will prove extremely detrimental to the team. This happened in a blowout loss that the Texans had no chance winning. Imagine if this happened in a playoff game, a game that matter to the Texans and a game that they are in position to win. How mad would J.J. Watt be under those circumstances? He’s already pissed at Blacklock for getting ejected in a game that was lost, imagine if it happens in an important game and the Texans lose as a result of it. Chances are Watt won’t be the only one upset.

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