J. Cole
Image via Puma

J Cole is one of the top rappers and hip-hop artists in the game. For the better part of the previous decade, Cole went from an unknown making mixtapes to one of the most respected artists in the industry. Now, Cole is looking to move beyond the studio and make a run at a career on the basketball court. According to hip-hop artist Master P, Cole is looking to make a run and be signed by an NBA team.

Cole actually is a pretty good basketball player. In the past he’s run a lot of 5 on 5 with mostly NBA players on either team. If you watch some of those videos, Cole holds his own nicely. He can shoot, is quick, has good handles, and can even dunk once he’s warmed up. Cole even already has his own show line with Puma that just dropped. I won’t lie, I really want a pair of those shoes.

As much as I love J Cole, we’ve got to be realistic about this. Cole is 35, which is way to old to begin a career. Yes, there are players that old or older that get on rosters, but they’ve been in the league for over 10 years at minimum. Cole does look good when playing against other NBA players, but those are scrimmages where players are more focused on working on their individual games rather than true team basketball. Just ask Devin Booker what he thinks about double teams during these games. He gets pissed if the other team tries to actually play basketball.

For more selfish reasons, I’d rather Cole focus on music because I want him to finish his next album. The first two tracks dropped and it’s only made my need for new J. Cole grow even more. Even with my doubts, it would not surprise me if a team, for the memes and the money, would sign Cole and play him in a pre-season game. But please Cole, finish the album. 2020 needs it.