Carl Lawson Aaron Rodgers
Carl Lawson insists that Aaron Rodgers is easy to sack (Jeff Hanisch/USA TODAY Sports)

Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks ever. Does Rodgers have a weakness? According to Bengals pass rusher, Carl Lawson, Rodgers is easy to sack. Lawson has 9.5 sacks in his brief two-year career. He wishes he played Rodgers every single week. Wow! What a take!

“Honestly, I think it’s easier to sack Aaron Rodgers than most quarterbacks,” Lawson said on NFL Network. “He sits there, and he pats the ball. At the same time, sacking him don’t mean nothing if you don’t do it for four quarters. You know, he came back against us. So, I mean, he’s an easier quarterback for me to sack personally, because he sits there, and he probably gets eight to 10 yards in the pocket. He’s got a great left tackle in [David Bakhtiari]. So, he just sits there, he waits, he waits, getting that read. When he gets sacked, he doesn’t get flustered. I only saw him get frustrated maybe one time when I did sack him, which was the third and a half sack that [was called off by a Bengals penalty].”

In fairness to Lawson, he did sack Rodgers 2.5 times in what was his 3rd career game. Still, the Bengals found a way to lose the game 27-24 in overtime after Rodgers led a brilliant come from behind win. That was a couple of years ago. Still, I don’t understand the strategy behind this. Just take the Belichick method. It’s there for the taking. Here’s the proper response “I think every quarterback in the NFL is great. They are all talented” end of response. Nothing good comes out it as an athlete. Especially as a player on the do nothing Bengals. He also talked about David Bakhtiari. Bad news, Carl. Uhh, he didn’t play that game. Lawson got his sacks against scrub, Kyle Murphy.

Rodgers was sacked 49 times in 597 attempts. That’s slightly better than the rest of the NFL which typically gets sacked every 14 dropbacks. I think Rodgers and the Pack are in line for a huge bounce back year. The problem is I don’t totally believe in Matt LaFleur. It’s a very interesting year for Rodgers regardless.