Talking About Favorite Team

Is It Okay To Say “We” When Talking About Your Favorite Team

Sometimes being a sports fan seems like being a crazy person. It can seem like you are too invested in “just a game” or people who don’t know you and will never know you. But, when talking about your favorite team, is it okay to say “we”?

Yes, It is Okay

I know being “passionate about sports” is a dime a dozen type line, but hardcore sports fans are often overly invested in their favorite sports teams. So when they are talking about the team’s problems or management decisions, using “we” seems natural.

No, It is Not Okay

Like I alluded to in the opening, oftentimes these people we care so much about and invest so much of our time and energy into don’t know us. Maybe they care about their collective “fans”, but there is no way for players to get to know each and every individual fan to form a relationship with them.

The other side of this argument is you are not part of the team. You are not playing, not affecting the game’s outcome in any way, so why is it “we”?

My Take

For me personally, I don’t really care what anyone else says or how they refer to themselves and their favorite teams. As long as you are not a fake fan, then IMO you can say whatever you want. I know I say “we” when I refer to the Mets and their ongoing disasters.


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