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Interview With MGN Sports

MGN Sports
An example of what we can see from MGN Sports for the Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football (MGN Sports)

Recently MGN Sports announced their partnership with Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2020, the football video game that can overtake the market. MGN Sports will be providing weekly wrap ups for the Simulation League in Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2020. I recently reached out for an interview about the partnership, they agreed and were awesome throughout the process and I’m very grateful. We touched upon their partnership and the MGN Sports brand as a whole. Here is the interview:

How did you get started?

Mgn sports started in 2013 as a EA Sports Madden NFL League, where we would create weekly news for our Madden franchise. We revolutionized the gaming community by delivering ground breaking presentation for sports gamers.

Why did you start?

We wanted to create something that had never been done before. Something that was missing in sports games but as a simulation gamer, I wanted to see more. I wanted to feel like I was a part of a football universe.

What do you love most about what you do and your brand?

We love creating content for individuals that cant get it on the video game itself. The in depth injury and trade reports, the weekly round up of highlights, the unique personalities that breaths life into an interview.

What are your long term aspirations for MGN Sports?

We are looking to create a name for ourselves in the sports gaming universe as the face of sporting broadcast.

MGN Sports
How mid or post game videos could look like. Fit with a news banner at the bottom. (MGN Sports)

What drew you towards Maximum Football?

We realized the level of effort and care they had for their game and wanted to be a part of the process in delivering something new to the franchise community.

How did conversations about the partnership begin?

I reached out to Spear, one of the leading developers at Canuck play and expressed my interest in being a part in someway. After a few conversations and a video that we produced, one thing led to another and we became associated with their Maximum Football 2020 simulation league.

What kind of conversations were had with Maximum Football about forming this partnership?

We can’t go into detail in conversations, but what we can tell you is both parties are very excited about the partnership and look forward to a long lasting association.

What are your long term goals with Maximum Football?

Our long term goal is to provide in game presentation and weekly recaps along side with play by play commentary for their future releases and on.

What can we look forward to in the weekly wrap up videos? What will be highlighted each week, what type of format will be used, how long with each video be, etc.)

As much as I would love to go in detail, I cant, because we’d be here for hours. So for now just expect a post game experience that will rival ESPN, NFL network, and all the major real life sports broadcast.

An example of how the player creation for the Sim Leagues can look like thanks to MGN Sports. (MGN Sports)

Is there any additional information about the partnership that you’d like to say? (Length of partnership for example)

We would like to let our actions speak more than our words. Stay tuned.

Again thank you to MGN Sports for agreeing to conduct this interview. I am looking forward to seeing what they produce for Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2020 and beyond.

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